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Check out some of my initial posts, which were on the WordPress website:

* Eric Kandel and the Molecular Basis of Memory – explains why I started twittering, the blog, and Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel’s scientific methods and his findings on memory

* What Did Dinosaurs Sound Like? – a conjecture on what dinosaurs perhaps sounded like

* We Are At One With the Universe – some thoughts on how we are, in essence, merged with the universe

* Achieving Your Full Potential: Breadth and Depth for Variety and Specialization in Life – describes how to achieve your full potential in your life

* Near the Turn of the 21st Century: A Pivotal Point in Human History – a description and commentary on the pivotal point in history in which human are currently poised

* Using the Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet for Clicking with the Left Hand – described my usage of the Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet for clicking with my left hand

* How We Think | How People Think | How Humans Think – a summary of some aspects of human thinking

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