What Motivates People | What Drives People

One recurring topic that I have thought about in the last few years is what motivates people to do what they do, or why do they like it.  In the interesting historically-based 1981 movie, Chariots of Fire, it examines the reasons that the protagonists have for excelling in athletics (running, their case) and doing well in the Olympics.  One runs for God, and another runs for glory.

One theory that I have come up with is that when people experience an emotional adrenaline rush, they gain happiness.  They then associate that adrenaline rush with that activity and with happiness.  They then continue to perform in the future what they like to perform because it makes them feel the adrenaline rush whenever they do it again.

Sometimes, this is interesting to analyze because often, people almost robotically and in a brainwashed fashion do various things throughout the day without thinking.  It might be nice to question yourself once in a while to see what is the psychological basis for what motivates you, and what drives you to do what you do.

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