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Please join me on the AeyTimes Ideas Network to freely view and share ideas on a wide spectrum of fascinating topics. You can check out some of my newest ideas on the following page: Thoughtflashes Ideas ( ) I have also installed the AeyTimes Ideas WordPress Widget on the rightmost column of this Thought [...]

What Exactly is Money | Working Definitions for Money

I grew up in the 80s, and during that time, I always wondered why money was just a piece of paper, which I never understood. Over the last decade, the advent of the internet has allowed me to explore and research more deeply this topic of what exactly is money. I have read up on [...]

The Golden Era of 3D Animated Films

There is usually a golden era to various arts or science, or any type of accomplishment. I think that one reason for this is that a certain technology may mature from the buildup of experiences from people who had previously used that technology, and sufficient talent accumulates in that certain field for it to attain [...]